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Just Mercy-Movie Review

Can you imagine what it would it be like to serve time in jail or prison? How about death row where you know your days in this life are limited & in someone else’s hands? Crazy, right? What if you faced all that for a crime you didn’t even commit?

“Just Mercy”, based on true life events, tells the story of Walter McMillan’s unfair conviction of an 18 year old woman in a small town in Alabama. To his luck, Bryan Stevenson, a then recent Harvard graduate & pro bono lawyer took his case & resonated with it. Working together, they were eventually able to get the Supreme Court of Alabama to drop all charges & free Mr. McMillian.

Although this particular story was one that ended happily (after 6 years).. it still send chills up my spine. It’s a song that we have heard all too often about unfair trials & unjust punishments many of our citizens face. At the same time, it makes me appreciate the times we are in now where I’m able to move around a lot more freely than those did before me, women & blacks.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this movie won a Golden Globe, Oscar, or some other prestigious award. Viewers in the theater laughed, cried, cringed & even yelled at the appropriate times. Well done to the producers & actors. This was an incredible story on it’s own & you did it Justice with your depiction.



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